• Creative Review - Words of Advice

    There are a few great words of advice for graduates in this month’s Creative Review. Reading the interviews and what the graduates are saying and their perception of life after university seems to be exactly how I feel, and it has just occurred to me now, and made me question... Do most graduates also feel this same way too? Reading what the professionals have to say in the interview has been quite encouraging.

    It offers great portfolio and CV advice too, and just how important it is to keep our momentum going once finishing our degree.

    I would definitely recommend having a read of this; there’s advice for designers, illustrators and photographers. It is hard work and tough for us all; but keep the ball rolling, do fresh work, try many techniques, remain adaptable and show willingness to take on different briefs and things will only get easier.

    Whilst I am on the subject of Creative Review, I am loving the Typographic Games posters… my favourite is actually one of the bronze medallists though; #11 by Murat Ismail.