• I am genuinely excited about this stamp, and have so far pretty much stamped everywhere and everything with my logo. Since being slightly disappointed with the previous stamp I had ordered from the EnglishStamp Company, I continued my search and came across a website, which was slightly less straightforward and involved physically emailing the design over, although there were much more options (including the choice in size) which The English Stamp company did not offer and the service and arrival was super-fast. I went for 70mm X70mm stamp option. So my stamp is great big, and perfect for what I want it for. I have added a stamp to the CV I am sending off (although within the photographs, the stamp is a little off centre, I went through about 10 envelopes getting this right but I got there in the end).

    The website is great; it also offers personalised wax seals and embossing presses...which I think I might just have to get next.
  • As part of one of my modules 'Promotional Design' I have developed the logo design that I had done for our fictional Business plan just before Christmas. My portfolio was missing stationary design (well it wasn't, but I decided to replace the old stationary design, with something that was a bit more up to date) I feel I could talk more about this too, and with this being in my portfolio, this would be an opportunity to discuss the whole involvement process through the business plan.

  • Although I missed the competition deadline for this, I wanted to give it a go anyway. My interpretation to the brief was to design a set of chocolate bar desserts. This assortment comes as either a gift, compacted together with a ribbon and label, or sold separately as individual bars of chocolate.
    The brief was to design an assortment of chocolate for busy people. Busy People do not get much chance to enjoy a delicious dessert with their lunch (Although saying that I am 100% sure I, Lorna and Alice will always make time for cake when we are working full time) although for busy people who really cannot make the time they can choose between a selection of Nestlé’s desserts; Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Blackcurrant cheesecake, Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin or Mandarin Tart flavoured bar. 

  • This was a short and quick D&AD brief set by Erik Kessels (of KesselsKramer) to celebrate his D&AD North lecture that is taking place at Manchester Conference Centre on April 5th 7pm
    It always rains in our country, so the brief was to design a poster that promotes rain. I am not a big fan of rain to be honest, because it is just cold and it makes my hair fluffy so this was quite difficult for me...However; after some serious thinking... I realised there were lots of positive things about rain.

    “Don't be sarcastic. After all rain can be romantic, useful and beautiful." - Erik Kessels
    Although I have already submitted the PDF of this, I do still want to create some screen prints from this. My artwork is all set up now and ready to print, so I am hoping to pop in sometime next week to get these finished and printed.

  • Today me and Alice worked with Mike (our lecturer) and just learnt about the basics of screen printing because we had not done screen printed before. Although we both did not get chance to print our own posters (which was the initial plan) we learnt how to prepare the process ready to work straight on producing our final posters when we get back after Easter. (I will post the after process when we get around to doing this).

  • I wanted to get my logo printed onto a stamp, although unfortunately this has definitely not turned out how I had expected it to. I think the sponge inks (same supplier which I bought separate with the stamp) is not the kind of ink pad that should be used, too much ink gets soaked up on the stamp leaving just splodges of ink. I think buying a new ink pad might do the trick? The stamp was also much smaller than I expected, therefore I am on the lookout again! 

  • Procrastinating Phase #2  …and as a nice replacement result, I finally sorted out my application for the Masters, and sent that off along with a personal statement explaining what I would like to investigate within whilst undergoing the MA next year. This will be part-time, meaning I can work at the same time. In my personal statement I explained that I would like to investigate further into branding and my reasons for wanting undertake a Masters in Design.
    Not a lot of designing going on for me at the moment, as I am aiming to get the dissertation finished before Friday. The deadline is not until after Easter, although I would like to use my time over Easter to get really stuck into my Final Major Project as the deadline for that is soon creeping.