• Prior to finishing my degree, and before our final degree show I wanted some sort of website and online portfolio to showcase my work to potential employers or people who were just generally interested and wanted to see more of my work.

    Therefore I have decided I need to do something about this...

    • I would like to keep my website simple, keeping the focus on my work, but possibly display this differently. 
    • On my homepage I want to include something that lets viewers know about me a little more and what I do, without having to read my about me page.
    • More importantly, my branding is still pretty much non-consistent anywhere…

    My branding needs updating, I have received quite positive feedback about my logo and that it does represent me, being something that runs freely to create my initials, is clean, simple and feminine. I would possibly like to add some colour to this. In my opinion with the grey, it looks a bit doom and gloom?

    I would also like to do up my blog, having this relate to my website and branding rather than this current simple dynamic view which doesn't allow people to follow or comment on my posts.

    Any feedback would be gratefully received... Twitter:@nicholawatkiss

    Including this, what is a website and portfolio without a regular update of new work? There is some projects I worked on in university, which are not anywhere where to be seen online as of yet because they are not worthy of showing, although I would like to improve these, and include them. I have also been doing some freelance work, and have some more lined up.

  • Keeping a blog and having a website is not quite enough…

    One of the key important things towards successful self-promotion is building a network of relevant people. Establishing and growing an accessible network of people online will be massively beneficial. These vital people in your network are those who are fans of and love your work, and will inevitably go out of their way to spread the word about you and your work, have worked with you in the past; share the same interests, respect and admire what you do and are your prospects themselves.
    Those who respect your brand and admire what you are doing will do the same, as well as provide referrals for you and will support you.  Your network, particularly a substantial one, will contain prospective clients. 

    I have therefore decided to get myself and work out there more by creating a Behance (online portfolio) here ‘fans’ can follow my work and appreciate it, and what more I can follow others work, appreciate it and gather inspiration. 

    Towards building a network of people I have worked with in the past and currently work with, I have begun using my LinkedIn a little more. Connecting with colleagues, tutors and people I have worked for in the past and now. The great thing about LinkedIn is people you have worked with can leave you a reference. Prior to starting university I completed a placement in the graphic design department at Lindstrand Balloons. I connecting with the managing director and he kindly left me a recommendation.

    “In her all too brief time at Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons, Nichola displayed the quiet determination to succeed that unsurprisingly has resulted in her achieving a First Class Honours degree. It’s no surprise to see she is already making her mark in the Graphic Design Industry, with a level of recognition that would no doubt be the envy of a more experienced professional. We were impressed by Nichola’s ability to understand the many peculiarities of our products and by the professional, creative and considerate way she worked within our very close knit Marketing and Graphic departments. I would certainly welcome the opportunity of working with Nichola again, not just for her creative abilities, but because Nichola is one of the most polite, calm and well-mannered people I have had the pleasure of knowing.”

    Towards sharing things that interest me and inspire me, I have started a Pinterest. Here I connect with people who share the same interests as me, and collect inspiration for myself and others to see.

  • Illustrations by Rob Ryan (inspiration) Which is worth checking out.

    Following the meeting I had last Monday with the marketing intern from Chester Performs, I thought I would update you all with what I have been up to. I am the face of the design for the theatre production ‘I was Adored Once’ the work involved is to promote the production through a series of print and web designs. I have just completed designing the flyer, which has now been sent to print, and I am currently working on the Poster and E Flyer. I will also be completing the designs for web by the end of this week, and I will blog about my work once I have completed all of the designs. I have been required to work to work to quite a tight deadline, so this has taken up most of my evenings because of working in the day time, which is the main reason I have not really had much chance until now to blog about this.

  • As some of you may be aware, I have been considering doing a part time Masters degree in Design.  It has been something I have been considering all year actually, and I was quite keen to find out more about the course since the end of my second year.
    After obtaining a First Class degree, I have been officially accepted onto the course, which I will be starting on in October. I have my golden ticket too (which I did not find in a chocolate bar surprisingly), but this entitles me to a £1000 discount. Bonus!
  • Snapshot of your Student Experience 2012: Submit a photo that captures a memory or experience whilst studying at the University of Chester...

    Entry Description: The best thing about university for me was about meeting the most amazing people, and close friends who I will stay in touch with forever.
    It was fresher’s week; a time to meet everyone on my course, and who I would be studying with for the next three years. Our first day involved a trip to Portmeirion and as I stepped off the coach I instantly grouped up with a couple of girls. Looking back then, who knew we would become completely inseparable for the next three years? They have been supportive throughout and we have shared so many happy memories. This was captured at our final degree show, and it was the last photograph taken of us together whilst in university.

     Students from the University of Chester, for more details on how to enter click here.