• Graduate Design Awards 2013

    I came across an article not long ago about graphic design graduates, within this it went on to discuss that winning a recognised competition could give out some great exposure, and something fresh and up to date for your portfolio.

    The vast majority of my freelance work so far has been quite corporate, client led or not really that interesting to discuss. This was what led me on my search to find some of the best graduate competitions to enter this year.

    I probably should have started my search September time as it seems most entry deadlines are for January time, and I do believe to go through the great effort of completing a brief, you should certainly enter it. Despite this, I did manage to find some that have late February or March deadlines, and each have reasonable entry fees…

    D&AD - Make Your Mark
    Deadline: 20th March 2013
    Fee: £12

    YCN Awards - Experian Animate 
    Deadline: 14th March 2013
    No entry fee

    Brand New Awards
    Deadline: 1st March 2013
    Fee: $30 view more fees here.

    RSA Design Awards
    Deadline: 22nd March 2013
    Fee: £35

    Chip Shop Awards 
    Deadline: 16th March 2013
    Fee: £49

    HOW Promotion Design Awards 2013
    Deadline: Early Bird 22nd Feb 2013 or 25th March 2013
    Fee: Early Bird Free or all entries after $40

    AOI International Illustration Awards 2013 
    Deadline: 28th Feb 2013
    Fee: £25 

    Many more can be found here: www.graphiccompetitions.com